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Risk Assessment & Engineering


Any organization planning to conduct work in mountain environments needs to have a thorough understanding of the risks involved. Once risks have been identified, mitigation options can be considered.

Avalanche Risk Assessment and Engineering Services

    • Risk assessments
    • Hazard mapping and atlas development
    • Runout modelling and impact analysis
    • Feasibility and pre-feasibility level assessment and design


    • Snow creep and glide loading for towers and walls
    • Engineering mitigation design
    • Facility location planning in avalanche terrain


    • Avalanche control systems feasibility study
    • Risk analysis for transportation corridors (Avalanche Hazard Index and other methods)
    • Avalanche Safety Plan review and development

    If you are interested in learning more about the above services we've expanded on select topics below.

    Avalanche Control Systems

    Avalanche control can take on many different forms and include explosives delivered by hand, helicopter or remotely controlled fixed installations.  Other options for control include engineered measures such as snow fencing,  catchment and diversion berms, retarding mounds and stopping walls. Alpine Solutions has a broad foundation of experience in avalanche control systems, and we specialize in finding the right combination of options to meet client needs.

    Runout Modelling and Impact Analysis

    There are several methods available to model avalanche flow, predict avalanche runout extent, and determine impact forces in avalanche terrain. Experienced application of these methods, combined with detailed field survey, can provide reasonable boundaries for locating important infrastructure. In addition these methods provide estimates of impact forces for mitigation design in avalanche terrain. Residential zoning projects typically require advanced application of these methods in order to create Avalanche Hazard Zone Mapping for regulatory approvals.


    Snow Creep and Glide Loading on Towers and Walls

    Snow creep and glide forces can create high loads on towers and walls located in steep terrain. There are numerous instances of structures that have been damaged or destroyed from inadequate design.  Our team has worked extensively with transmission line and ski lift design teams to analyze potential forces and develop appropriate mitigation solutions.