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Safety Programs & Control

Safety Programs & Control

Effective and efficient avalanche safety programs are what Alpine Solutions specializes in. Organizations large and small with fixed worksites or roving operations can ensure worker safety and maximize productivity through well designed and implemented safety programs. 

There are many options depending on the size and scope of the project.  Alpine Solutions also offers mountain safety services that may include alpine glacier and steep slope hazard management.

General avalanche safety program services

  • Avalanche Safety Plan Development
  • Avalanche Safety Training
  • Explosive Control Programs
  • Winter Operations Management including Forecasting and Operational Guidance
  • Rescue and Emergency Management Plan Development
  • Roving Worker Safety Programs
  • Year Round Mountain Safety Services (Glacier, Fall Protection, Film Projects)

Advanced technical services

  • Advanced Avalanche Control Systems Design and Feasibility
  • Engineering Mitigation
  • Options Assessment and Business Case Analysis
  • Review of Safety Management Programs
  • Accident Investigation and Analysis

If you are interested in learning more about the above services we've expanded on select topics below. 

Avalanche Control

Avalanche control can take on many different forms and include explosives delivered by hand, helicopter or remotely controlled fixed installations.  Other options for control include engineered measures such as snow fencing,  catchment and diversion berms, retarding mounds and stopping walls. Alpine Solutions has a broad foundation of experience in avalanche control, and we specialize in finding the right combination of options to meet client needs.

Avalanche Forecasting Programs

Avalanche forecasting involves the monitoring of weather and snowpack conditions to determine the current and near-term risk to people and infrastructure. Forecast programs typically involve ongoing conditions monitoring, and daily communication of an avalanche hazard bulletin and to clients and stakeholders. Depending on the project and the specific needs of the client, forecasting and operational guidance can take place from our central offices, or onsite and integrated within project operations.  All Alpine Solutions avalanche forecasters are trained and certified by the Canadian Avalanche Association, and many are certified ACMG and IFMGA Mountain Guides.

Avalanche Safety Plans (ASP)

Avalanche Safety Plans layout the framework of how snow avalanche risks will be managed for a project or operation. Prior to development of an avalanche safety plan, an initial risk assessment is normally completed along withdiscussion with management and stakeholders. The final safety plan typically provides mapping, an avalanche atlas, roles and responsibilities, training and PPE requirements, and emergency response protocols.  If you would like to know more about our Avalanche Safety Plan services please contact us for more information.

Year Round Mountain Safety Services

Glaciers and steep terrain can create enormous challenges for mountain based projects at any time of year. We regularly work with large industry,  field research programs, and film companies to provide efficient and safe operations in dangerous environments.


Film projects in the mountain environment can be a challenging undertaking. Whether avalanches and mountains are the storyline, or the story takes place in these environments, getting just the right footage is key. Alpine Solutions can provide comprehensive safety management, documentary storyline, and locations guidance from our extensive geographical experience in western Canada,